Saturday, March 03, 2007

Car Blocks

My M always said I have a very bad habit of taking up space in the car, so whenever there's gonna be anyone else, be it humans or dogs, who's going into the back seat with me, they'll have to go into the car first. Because once I settle my butt, I won't budge, so I'm always the last one up the back seat.

But there's always a way to squeeze out more personal space in the car if you just know how. What I do sometimes is to sit first, and you gotta sit right in the middle, then slowly slide my butt down until the person/ dog behind me has no space.

Here's the outcome of the above ploy. See, I won't even move with a barking Jack at my bum.

Jack squeezed into 1/4 of the car space, Joey tottering on the edge

Actually, Joey was not really tottering on the edge. Sometimes he likes to travel with his front paws balanced on the handrest of the front seat so that he can look out the front.

But Jack was quite mad about me taking up his space, and he was barking during half the journey. Luckily it was only a 5 minutes ride or I may need ear mufflers. See? He was so mad his eyes were glowing.

Demonic Jack

And this is the amount of space I have in front. Of course, I had to act as if I'm forced by circumstances to take such a big space. If I was grinning from ear to ear, the humans may decide to shove my butt at the next red light. Anyway, Jack's barking certainly helped in my 'sad face' look.

Lotsa Space!

Because of the difficulty in taking a full view photo of the back seat, I have done a illustration to show how much space you should be able to get if you follow the instructions.

Front view

You can see that I'm taking up almost 4/5 of the entire back seat. Of course, this only works if there's small dogs (they're easier to squeeze out of the way), or 1 human. It doesn't work when the back seat is crammed with 2 humans, 2 retrievers and 1 miniature bull terrier. Trust me, I've tried that. It's so crammed I can't even rest my tummy on the chair and have to settle for someone's thighs.

Try it the next time you go for a car ride!


Jasper said...

Awwww, Jack should not be mad at can't help you are a bigger dog. Those demonic eyes are scarwwie!
I love those photos of you doing the balancing act! You are talented.

Maggie said...

Hey Herbie,
Your wide-glide hiney almost sat on Jack! He'd best move outta the way! hehehehe

Love ya lots,

Joe Stains said...

I tried to comment and the blogger blew up!

nice diagram!!

Furkids in Hong Kong said...

Lol, couldn't stop laughing - poor Jack does look royaly pissed off!

I think it's inherent in us GR's to take up space - and all of it too!

Thanks for the smiles.

Rafv said...

Herbie - Honestly, You are deserved to get scolded by Jack. Why on earth you have to sit in the "middle" of the back seat? I will remember that once my mum has to sit almost on the leg space!!(yes, below the seat) for your unwilling behavior. Don't mention of me and Scuba sitting on the leg space.. You are such a....

Fu Fu said...

Herbie, you faced your butt at Jack? Will he bite your butt?? Coz he sound really mad with that little space.

~ fufu

Herbie said...

Jasper: Exactly, we big dogs need bigger space!

Maggie: Well, sometimes he gets squeezed to the floor... :X

Joe: Yeah, I think I'll make a great picasso!

Mark & Cream: Do you guys do that in the car as well? ^5!

Rafv: Opps, say sorry to Aunty R for me... I hope she still loves me.

Fufu: Well, luckily he never thought of nipping me. But sometimes he starts growling at me BEFORE I get up the car. :รพ