Saturday, March 31, 2007

More work for me

Well, Helios toilet training isn't going as smoothly as my M had hoped. Apparently that little guy has got a BIG bladder and he could hold his pee for at least 4-5 hours if he wants to. Every half hour or so after meals and waking up, my M will bring him to the toilet and keep him in there for 5 minutes in the hope that he will pee, but instead he ended up napping or playing instead. So she has to carry him back into either the room or the crate because she's afraid he will pee enroute. He does have a habit of peeing like 5 seconds after being let out of the toilet when it's been hours since his last pee.

So my inept M has to get ME to help toilet train Helios. She decided to fill him with water. She'll cook extra soup for our meals so that he can slurp it all up. I think it's such a waste to use all that soup for toilet training purposes. I could have made better use for them.

Anyway, she'll then pen him in the toilet and start playing with him to make him excited enough to pee. Of course, she's always not good enough so she had to ask me to play with Helios to make HIM excited enough to pee.

So there were the 3 of us, in a tiny toilet, horsing around with my M making weird squealing noises. And she calls ME a pig! HA!

I am glad to say that because of moi, Helios peed like 30 seconds after we started playing. And my M got so excited she was praising him like crazy, jumping up and down, clapping, waving her arms in the air and squealed some more. I don't see she ever getting that excited about ME peeing. It's just pee, what's the big deal?

My M now thinks it's a swell idea to lock us 3 in the toilet everytime she thinks Helios bladder might be full. I think I'll have to spend my time working and entertaining one big and one little loony instead of having my beauty sleep.

Sigh, I hope I'm gonna get paid for all this.

My bladder's burstin'


Maggie said...

Hi Herbie,
We still have peepee accidents here too but it's just once in awhile now. Mitch is getting to understand the word peepee and he goes as soon as we take him out. BTW tell Helios to hurry it up so you can have your beauty sleep!

Love ya lots,

Amber-Mae said...

Oh Herbie, please tell your M that it takes time.

The 1st day my mommy adopted me, she never allowed me in the house so that I get used peeing & pooing in the porch 1st. After one month later, she finally allowed me into the house. I didn't know what's the difference between the floor in the house & outside in the porch. They both looked & feel exactly the same to me except the colour afterall, the whole floor is tiled!

When I made my 1st attempt to pee in the house, my mommy forgiven me. But then the 2nd, 3rd & the 4th time, she got kinda furious & fed up. She would scold me & sometimes smack me on the head. I got really scared of her & my mommy would forgive me again & would just bring me for walks to totally empty out my bladder to make sure I won't do it again.

My mommy was very smart. She doesn't do this praising thingy. Whenever I do it in the house again, she'll scold me like MAD but no beating this time & then put me outside in porch for half an hour & then came out & 'sayang' me & allow me into the house again. But whenever I do it correctly in the porch, she'll just let me do it & don't say anything. She would just let me finish & the clean it up like nothing happened. Then, I started realizing, why she scolds me when I do it in house & not in the porch? Becoz to US doggies, the whole floor is the toilet. We can't differentiate which one's toilet & which one's not. It's just like the grass & the road...And in one month time, I learned real fast!!! I got the idea already. I thank her for that!

So I think I recommend your M to try this out. Sometimes praising the pup for doing the right things can really mess things up & sometimes you don't go anywhere! The problem just proceeds & not improve. Try this! And tell me how it works out yeah...?

Licky Licks,
Amber's Guide for Dummies;
Solid Gold Dancer

Luckie the Dachie said...

Hey Herbie,
It takes time to get Helios fact recently, I decided to "forget" how to pee in my pee tray and Mom had to re-train me. Sheesh...

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Helios is very cute - but you are cuter Herbie :-)


Joe Stains said...

oh boy good luck with that potty training! you should get extra treats for that job!!

Fu Fu said...

Woh Herbie, You're a good big brother to help Helios. I hope you get more treats for the work you did

~ fufu

Kay said...

hahaha.... I even forgot about the potty training times, when I get a 2nd pup, I'm sure everything will come back to me.... but yea, it takes time....

Anonymous said...

Hi Herbie,

Though we have never met, I hope to meet you & Helios at Bishan Dog Run one fine day.

Woof, Nova

Viv & Chewie said...

Chewie speaks hokkien, so it's 'bang jio' and 'bang sai' to her! She even does it on command! LMAO... and afterwards, she will let you 'chit ka chng', pardon my french. :X