Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Mr Unpopular Stalker

Here was what I did at the park over the weekend, stalking a chocalate lab. My M says (as you can also hear in the video later), that I have a thing for choc labs. Something about them just makes me like them... maybe it's the chocalate? But they never like me back.

But as you can see, their irritation has never stopped me from pursuing what I what. I have nothing but determination in buckets! Or like my M would say, stupid stubborness. I don't even mind them scolding me!

Are there any nice choc labs out there who wouldn't mind being my friend?


Sam said...

Hmmm... We don't know any chocolate labs, or we would ask them. Maybe you need to bring them a gift first?


Amber-Mae said...

It looks like you're in love with that choco lab. Maybe he's just not into other guys ya know what I mean?

Anonymous said...

Hi there, it's great to see fellow singaporean doggie with blog. It's look like lots of fun. Lele used to visit the Bishan dog run regularly. Hope to woof into you one day!. Cheers.

Jas said...

My dog hate chocolate labs. LOL!