Thursday, June 30, 2011

Raw Paw

My paw is itching very badly right now. My M noticed last night that I kept licking my paw and on closer inspection, was shocked to see that I've licked my paw so vigorously that the fur is gone and now it's just a raw patch.

My MM said I must have caught the licking paws bug from Scuba, coz Scuba LOVES chewing/ licking his paws.

Me with my raw paw

I think some naughty insect bit me during one of my walkies coz my M noticed a small bump on my paw.

Raw Paw

The bad thing is, once she noticed it, she stopped me from licking my itchy paw. I tried to disobey her but got my head knuckled instead. So she put some medication on me and made me wear one of my baby sister's old bootie so that I won't be able to lick it during the night.

And of all the bootie she took, she had to choose a white one... with lace!

What an insult. As you can see, I wasn't too happy about that but to save my head from being further knuckled, I had to swallow that insult.

disgruntled me

My M said she might have to start digging for my big brother herbie's lampshade from the storeroom. I don't know what's worse, lacy bootie or lampshade.


Sam said...

Poor boy! We hope you heal up soon and the bootie and the lampshade go away!


Amber-Mae said...

Oh dear that look bad! Either something bit you or there's a foreign object in your foots that has caused an infection. I hope it'll heal soon.

Homer said...

Hey Helios,

I know I shouldn't laugh at your misfortune but you wearing a girlie bootie WITH LACE! BOL! That's not very erm... macho.

On a serious note, I hope your paw is getting better and stop licking it! Trust me, you don't want that lampshade on. It's humiliating!


Pippa said...

Oh that looks like some of my poorlie bits. They keep getting rubbed with antiseptic lots of times every day but fortunately they are on my body so I don't have to wear bootees :D


Shane Kent Louis said...

we look forward for your healthfulness! see you soon! :)

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