Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I'm jealous of Mr Golden

Sorry for the extreme lack of updates this month, as my M was busy travelling. First there was the family trip to Taipei and Hongkong, and then there was her work trip. I can understand why my M is not bringing me on her work trips, but shouldn't I be joining on the family trips since I'm part of the family?

Instead, this golden here got left behind while the OTHER golden in the family gets to go on holidays.

Mr Golden waiting for his flight

Yes, his name is really MR Golden. And so far he has been to Hong Kong, Indonesia, Taipei and Hong Kong again. He's taken more plane rides than me and I am JEALOUS.

And he came back with these pictures to taunt me with too!

Mr Golden enjoying the inflight movies

Mr Golden at the Hot Spring Resort with the waterfall behind him

Mr Golden with the room key to the Hot Spring Resport room

Mr Golden in the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel bed

Come to think of it, I think my baby sister was the only kid lugging a non-disney character soft toy in disneyland.

And to top it all off, not only did my baby sister bring only Mr Golden on the trips, she found herself another golden to harrass in Taipei!

I thought I was the only golden she should sleep on, but nooo... she found this resident dog of a cafe. So what if he's the owner of 3 cafes named after him? I have a whole range of products named after ME!

I think my baby sister should have her loyalty checked.

What can a dog do around here to earn a howliday?


Homer said...

Poor Helios... Don't worry, you are still love by us!


PS: Where did your M get the stuffy golden?

Anonymous said...

The stuffy golden looks like it's from Ikea

Amber-Mae said...

You poor poor soul. Perhaps next time you could quietly sneak into their luggage bag when they're not watching? Sure looks like your family went to a very awesome holiday! That Golden Retriever is gorgeous!

Boondocks said...

But I'm sure they only take Mr. Golden to remind them constantly of you!! :-)


Sam said...

Poor Helios! You can come over here when your family goes on vacation!


Pippa said...

You are having a tough time. Put that beautiful golden paw down right now!