Thursday, May 12, 2011


This happened to me last week. One day, my MM asked my M if she locked me inside the bedroom before she left for work because when he went home, I was alone in the room with no waterbowl and no windows opened (only the small window in the toilet was opened).

My M was surprised and said no, and later they realised that it was my baby sister who locked me in. Apparently that morning, before she left for school she came into the room to give my usual hug and kiss goodbye. And when she left the room, she conveniently closed the door after her. My M didn't realise as she was waiting outside for my baby sister.

Boy was I glad when my MM came home and released me from imprisonment! It was boring and stuffy in the room!

I wonder if I can sue my baby sister for false imprisonment....


Amber-Mae said...

AWWW don't sue your little baby sister. I'm sure it was just a mistake she made. Forgive her. Isn't that what we Goldens are good at? Forgiving others?

Sam said...

Poor guy, at least you were let out early!


LailaSmith01 said...

.,ohh just forgive her, she didn't mean to locked you in and make you a prison.
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