Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Superglue me!

Last friday was a howliday, to the humans decided to bring us out for a run and picnic at a nice field. My M was expecting me to run like the wind since we're in such a big open area.


But instead I superglued myself to Jack the whole time. And since Jack refused to move much, neither did I.

I love Jack!

Even if he scolds me...

Even if he tries to run away from me...

My M was complaining that 90% of the photos she took of me that day has Jack in it...

Me and Jack... again!

Other than the one she forced me aside to take a nice handsome picture of me.

Handsome me

Even when my baby sister told me Jack doesn't like me, I didn't believe her.

Sherylyn: Go away, Jack doesn't like you
Jack: Yeah, buzz off!
Helios: I don't believe you.

Even when there was food, I still preferred Jack, although he preferred the bun.

(Anyone noticed that my baby sister is begging.... AGAIN?!)

Scuba, for once, had a happy outing coz there's no swimming.


Joey was as usual playing ball.

Joey has this habit of throwing his ball at a chosen human's feet and it will be that human's turn to throw his ball. And if the human is slow, he'll bark to hurry them up. But I don't know why he'd think that my baby sister will throw his ball for him.

(Note: Scuba is in the background where all the food is)

Look how my baby sister is totally ignoring him.

Well, it was a happy day for all of us since it was different from our usual outing places. I hope we can get to go again soon!

(Note: Helios has this strange habit of supergluing himself to the dog that he likes. He'll choose a dog for the day (sometimes he doesn't find any that he loves so he'll be minding his own business), and once he finds a target, he'll shadow the dog all over the place like a serial stalker. He doesn't mind being scolded by the dog, he just likes to stick really close and get the dog to play.)


Joe Stains said...

Tanner is always stalking me too, I can't take it. I sure hope eventually your human sis learns to throw the ball for poor Joey.

Brownie said...

You're so handsome, Helios, I don't know why anydog would scold you for following them!!!

hungheykwun said...
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hungheykwun said...
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hungheykwun said...

hi helios,

i know your blogs have a lot of readers. could you help highlight the plights of these dogs in malaysia for me pls?
lots of licks & kisses