Friday, May 22, 2009

How well do you know me?

My M set up this list of questions to see how well her friends know me. Here's the questions reproduced here. Take it and let me know how well you know (and love) ME!

1) What is Helios afraid of?
a) Loud noises
b) Big, burly, strangers
c) Large bags
d) Sudden movement
e) All of the above.... and more

2) What is Helios commonly also known as?
a) Cutie pie
b) Siao Gao (Dialect for crazy dog)
c) Handsome boy
d) Smarty Pants
e) Itchy Mouth

3) What does Helios dislike most?
a) Cleaning ears
b) Cutting nails
c) Bathing
d) Clipping paw fur
e) Biscuit on nose trick

4) What can get Helios excited?
a) Food
b) Toys
c) Beach
d) Humans
e) Everything and anything

5) If you play 'bang' with Helios, what would his most likely reaction?
a) "argh! I'm dead!"
b) "I'll die, but I'm not happy about it at all"
c) "I'm too young to die! "
d) "Why are you doing pointy fingers at me?"
e) *chomp! * "That was a yummy finger"

6) If you're standing, where would Helios most likely poke you?
a) Butt
b) Jump up and poke your face
c) Toes
d) Knees
e) Hands

7) What is Helio's play style with other dogs?
a) Rough and tumble
b) The stalker
c) Sweet kissing
d) Doesn't play with other dogs
e) Relax one corner together

8) What fetish does Helios has?
a) Diaper fetish
b) Butt fetish
c) Garbage bin fetish
d) Foot fetish
e) Toilet bowl fetish

Answers will be revealed next week!


beyond said...

I'm submitting my answers
1) e
2) b
3) d
4) e
5) d
6) a
7) b
8) b

Amber-Mae said...

Okay, here's mine...


Solid Gold Dancer + Puppies