Tuesday, September 02, 2008

My 4 seconds of fame

Remember the advert I did somewhere in May? It's finally officially out! It's actually a Nike ad for the Human Race, and here's the clip below.

I appear at around the 40 seconds mark, after the mascara streaked lady, for about 4 seconds running with a couple, so try not to blink after the mark or you might miss me! It's in black and white so it's not very obvious.

And now I can finally post the peektures of the filming process. We were actually supposed to be filming along a rail road and the nice production team even got me booties coz they were not sure if my paws can take the gravel.


But I told them, I'm a tuff boy so I don't need booties.

Like I said previously, a lot of time was spent waiting.


...For the train to go past...

... for my turn...

... for the crew to get ready...

While waiting, I had to entertain myself a little...

...by playing ball...

... and posing for nice pictures...

Notice the dark dark sky in the background? It was slightly drizzling.

Finally we took some shots at the rails with me! We first tried running with me on leash coz they weren't sure if I'm reliable enough off leash.

Then I tell them I am a very good boy off leash too, and off leash looks nicer. So they took one with me off leash. My M will stand at one end to call me while my MM have to bring me to the other end coz I refuse to walk so far away with the models without my M or MM.

See? I'm a good boy! But my M thought that maybe I ran too fast for the hoomans but the director said it's ok. The crew were very impressed with me coz I'm such a good boy.

Unfortunately, the rain got heavier but the shot was not done. So we had to change location.

New location and getting ready

My MM is actually hiding behind one of the pillars. He's so well hidden you can't see him.

And finally the cameras rolled and I RAN!

Sorry for the dark and slightly blurred picture. My M thought that it's a day shoot so she did not bring her flash, but coz of the rain, we filmed into the evening and the sky got darker too.

And so, this is how I became a part of the Nike Human Race, although I'm not human.

I wonder if they will come up with a Canine Race.


Lacy said...

w00f's helios, they hooda let u run with them the whole time...

b safe,

t.h.e.m.a.r.l.e.y.c.o.d.e said...


You are so cute!!!!

Huskee Boy said...

OMG.. you are famous Helios!! Can I get a paw-to-graph from you?

Amber-Mae said...

I saw you! I saw you! But the video is a little dark so you're right, It's not very obvious but you sure run fast!

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

Furkids in Hong Kong said...

Helios! You look great in still photos and videos!

Congrats on the commercial! Looking real nice.

Homer said...

Hey Helios!

This is excellent! You are going to be a movie star!


Joe Stains said...

omdog you are FAMOUUUSSS!!!

Sitka, Tia, & Cornelia Marie said...

Wow that is so cool!!!

Maggie and Mitch said...

We saw you, Helios! That is so cool! OMG, we know a famous doggie!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Hugo said...

This is Hugo and I'm new here!
I must say I really enjoyed your blog and all the acting stuff looks real fun! Do visit my blog as well!

P.S. I wished I had a bigger brother like Herbie too!

Licks and Leaps

Saint Lover said...

We found your blog from Sami and Baylee's World. She nomiated you for the same award as us so we decided to check you out. I am so glad we did. What an exciting thing to happen... you are now a star and famous around the world.

BamBam.Eski said...

this is so kewl!
you look fantastic in the ad!

BamBam & Eski

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh I see you Helios. You sure can run very fast. :)

~ Girl girl

irene said...

uh oh... helios... you're so handsome in the ad. running so fast!

xiaocangshu said...

Helios look so happy running!

taky said...

helios! you're so cute! ^^ you look totally fantastic! the next big start! ^^