Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cheated Walks

Thanks for your concern guys, I'm all right now. Our housekeeper has been dismissed on Monday, and the new housekeeper won't be in til next week. As I was saying in my previous post, one of the main reason she was dismissed is because she was not honest, on top of other things

She is supposed to walk me in the afternoons but she has not been doing it for a long time. My M and MM were not aware coz they were working, and it's only after my baby sister came and my M stayed home on maternity leave that she happened to find out about this terrible lie. I tried to tell them I have no walkies but they didn't quite understand dog talk.

How my M found out is one day, my housekeeper supposedly took me out for my 'walk'. But instead of walking, she took me to the playground downstairs, tied me to a bench while she chatted with her other housekeeper friends. My M didn't realise until she went to the kitchen for a drink and saw from the window that I was tied downstairs. By then I was already there for about 20 minutes.

It happened that my MM came home so my M told him, and he went to take a photo as proof. Can you see me?

Anyway, just as he took the photo, our housekeeper happened to look up and saw him so she came up immediately. However, my MM did not 'expose' her immediately. And ths became bolder, and did it again the next week, this time when both my M and MM were at home! But this time she was more careful, she did not tie me to the bench, but just stood there and chatted, while looking up at our room window time to time to see if my M or MM spotted her.

My M was quite unhappy because she is supposed to walk me. She would not mind if the housekeeper is out of the house for 30 min or even 1 hour if I really was being walked, but if I'm just sitting downstairs, I could have just stayed at home and sit in my room instead. She thought that with added help in the house, I am getting extra walks but apparently I was just an excuse for the housekeeper to go and chat with her friends.

Anyway, my M said luckily the housekeeper is not too bright. Of all places and time she had to choose a place which can be seen from our kitchen window, on a day when my M and MM are at home to play her 'trick'. But it's also a good thing because that's how she got caught.

I hope our new housekeeper will give me proper walks next time. I wonder how I can complain to my M and make her understand if I get cheated again.


Huskee and Hershey said...

** speechless **
Oh, ok, I got one thing to say... I am glad she is out of your life now, Helios. May the walks begin!! Hehehee..

Bee Bee said...

Gosh! Thats so terrible! Yes finally she is out of your life. Hope the new housekeeper will be a honest one :)

ndroo said...

What crap! Yeah, get rid of her. These people are always full of crap and lazy. It's always good to do spot-checks when she's doing what she's told to, at least you know you've not been shortchanged.

Luckily our maid has not done anything too 'major' yet, but I really can't stand her slow motion retard style movement when doing things. Argh!!!

Amber-Mae said...

She should be ashamed of calling herself a "maid". Sigh... Poor you! I bet many times, you held your bladder when she didn't actually walk or when she tied you down. What an irresponsible person she is! You see, like I said in my previous post, she is a maid & you are not her dog. Why should she even bother to walk you when she can get away with it. You see? All she cares is getting paid, that's all! Never trust any strangers. I hope the 2nd one will be more responsible & will NOT cheat. But we cannot say it now, only time will tell.

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

Anonymous said...

oh hope u get a better helper who loves to walk soon...

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh what a bad housekeeper. I'm glad your M and MM caught her and dismissed her.
I hope you get your walkies now with the new help

~ Girl girl

Maggie and Mitch said...

We hope the new maid likes to walk as much as you do, Helios!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Pippa said...

Hey Helios
Shame your maid was so lazy and preferred standing around chatting when she should have been walking you.
Good on your M&MM for springing her. Better luck with the next one.

The Brat Pack said...

Wow, that's just terrible. We're glad she's going to be gone, hopefully the next one will be much better for you.


Bee Bee said...

You've been nominated again! Hehe!

Luv reading your blog~

Bee Bee

taky said...

hey helios! i hope you get your walks soon! you poor thing. =(

Sami & Baylee said...

It is a good think your M let that lady go! I can't believe she didn't check to see that your leash wasn't inside the car and she went as far to cheat you on your walkies, the nerve...grr.. Oh Helios I am so thankful you did get hurt in the car leash thing. I am so happy your safe. I would really miss you! I bet brother herbie was looking out for you and told M to stop the car right away! I just know he is looking out for you and you have an important job now to look over your new baby sis!


Alfie's Mum said...

o dear helios..........this is a daily happening which i have seen with my own eyes. maids take the dogs out on the pretext that they walk the dog, instead they meet their friends or go to a public telephone / tie dog at a post and happily chat their time away while the dogs wait without any water / exercise. i have even seen a maid meet a lover in a dark lane kissing away while the dog waits on!

Sweepy said...

What a terrible thing, leaving you tied when you're too excited to run and drool all over!

Hope your new dog-nanny is better!

Ms. ___ 2 be!! said...

Glad your mum know about this. It tells you again and again that she isn't doing what she's told.