Thursday, August 16, 2007

Still waiting...

... for the results. My M called up the vet today but my biopsy results are still not out. Apparently the lab usually takes 3 weeks for the results to come back, but my vet told them to rush it out in a week because of suspected lymphoma. I guess my M will wait another 2 days before calling again. Anyway, I have a review with the vet this sunday.

In the meantime, my M has been reading up on various links kind people have sent her. She was given this link which recommends this Dr Johanna's flaxseed oil and cottage cheese mixture, so she rushed out during lunch today to the organic store and came back with organic flaxseed oil and organic cottage cheese.

While at another organic store, the lady recommended this enzyme drink which is supposed to have antioxident and cancer fighting properties. The drink cost $138 a bottle, and each bottle lasts 2 weeks. The lady said for humans, it's recommended that they take a 6 month supply at one shot. When she realised it's for me, she said I can also take a 6 month supply.

My M has not heard of this drink before, and 12 bottles will cost $1600+, so she dare not buy so much at one go. In the end she, Aunty G and Aunty V shared a carton, so I get 4 bottles.

Seems that getting sick is not that bad after all! I now get extra cottage cheese mix everyday, and enzymes as well!


beyond said...

Hope Herbie can get well soon.

sy said...

hi, i'm an avid reader of herbie's blog... truly hope that the results will be negative.

the enzyme drink sounds dubious... as enzymes like all proteins are broken down into amino acid after digestion... $180 sounds awfully expensive.

how about giving herbie some fresh organic fruits rich in antioxidants?

Ferndoggle said...

Herbie...we're all hoping your test results will turn out OK.

What great people you have taking care of you! You are one loved boy!

Paws crossed on the Avenue.

Sherman, Penny & Lola

Maggie said...

The AireZen is still coming Herbie! Not a day goes by that we don't think of you! Gosh at the price of this stuff, it should work, right?!

Love ya lots,

Shannon said...

Hey Herbie,
I'm new to your blog. Came over from Opy's blog when I heard your bad news. I'm sending positive vibes in your direction and wishing you and your family the best.

Snowball said...

Hi Herbie,

Err..rr.. I really do not know if its a good idea for you to try so many new stuff at 1 go.

Can your M consider bringing you to see Dr Oh? Acupuncture and helps to "clear the heatiness and remove toxic" from our body and Dr Oh is trained in Chinese Herbs for animals so probably he can give you better advice.

If your M would like to talk to him first, please ask her to contact my jie jie.

I am still praying for you.


Amber-Mae said...

Oh, I hope both of those will help you. Please get better soon okay?

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Holly said...

I have heard great things about the flax seed oil and cottage cheese also. I would give that a try first, before spending such huge amounts of money on that other bottle. You could use that kind of money for chemotherapy instead if needed.


Huskee Boy said...

Hiya Herbie,
I am still keeping my paws crossed for you... (although it's a little difficult to walk around with crossed paws!!)..

Brutus said...

Hi Herbie,

I think you can try to go to Dr Oh for accupuncture and Chinese Herbs. My friend had a dog who had a huge tumor on his leg and forehead. After the herbs and accupuncture, the lump on the forehead disappear. Though the dog has since passed away, it did help to relieve the pain.

Herbie is lucky to have you as his Mom. My family just lost Ginger to kidney failure a month back and ginger went for accupunture and it did help a bit too.
Be strong


Hammer said...

Dear Herbie

I hope you're better real soon. We're thinking of you.

Love from Hammer

Herbie said...

Thanks guys. My M will certainly bring me for the accupuncture once the results are in. She's gotten the contact of Dr Oh already.

It's almost the end of the week but results are still not out. I'm getting impatient!

The Brat Pack said...

We're thinking about you today. We just know you'll be ok.

Wired for Mackie said...

Aw, Herbie, I didn't know you were sick. Sorry, buddy! i hope you are well and the tests come back clear!

Take care!

Your pals, Mackie and Finnegan

Texas's Mum said...

Hey Herbie,
Dude you are a very VERY loved
doggie and your people are PAWSOME
so with that we hear at Texas central
are keeping our paws and fingers crossed
for you.
Let us know as soon as you can ok buddy.

Love and Licks
Texas (and his humans).

Anonymous said...

Do u know wht type of Biopsy the vet did for Herbie?

Some biopsies spread the cancer cells out which is bad.

Kindly read this if u have time.

Katherine and Pippa, said...

Herbie - all the best and hope you start feeling better.

Pippa and Kate

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Woo Herbie.. I saw Opy's message. I wanted to let you know that I am thinking about you and I hope your tests come back with good news. Stay strong and know you have ALOT of friends out here praying for you!
Sitka (and my cat sister, Tia)

Toby said...

Herbi, please get better really really soon!

We're sending good vibes and positive thoughts your way!!!


Sparky said...

Hi Herbie, I just dropped by and I like your blog. I really hope you get better soon!


e said...

I'm so sorry to hear about this. I hope you get well soon and I am keeping all paws fingers toes feet crossed.

Pls Pls update us on what's going on when you get the chance.

Fei and E

peaceful sincerity said...

Really hope that Herbie gets well soon!

Hana said...

Oh Herbie, I heard from Opy about you not feeling well. I have my paws crossed that things start to look up. My mom knows what this is like because her previous doggie had cancer in the lymph nodes in the neck. We are wishing you well and that the vet has good results.