Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Still waiting for results. So on a slightly happier note, my M said she will never stop me from begging if I get well. I hope she keeps her word! Everyone be my witness!

Hooray to begging!

We have beach pictures from 2 weeks ago, but my M is too lazy to sort them out. Maybe at a later date. My M would like to say a few words.

(M: I'll like to thank everyone who has been praying for Herbie. Some whom I've never met, or never knew the existence, or silent readers until now. I've told friends and everyone is sending their kind thoughts, prayers and wishes. It's amazing how an average dog like Herbie has managed to crawl into so many people's hearts. I guess that's what dogs do best. Crawl into your hearts quietly and before you know it, they've made themselves comfortable there with their cushy bed and favourite snacks.

I'm still hoping against hope that Herbie's results will be in the 10% that's negative. Failing that, I've read a one and only article whose dog managed to be in remission for more than 5 years, and I hope that Herbie will be as much of a miracle dog as that one. There's still so much that I want Herbie to do. I want him to teach Helios how to be patient. I want my first kid to be old enough to know who Herbie is. I want Herbie to live a few more happy years, at least until his age reaches the double digit. And I hope he will find the courage to fight to survive.)

Ok, let's get moving with the sentimental part. I'm not dead yet. The important thing is.... I can BEG for all I want now!!!!


Girl Girl Hamster said...

I love that picture of you Herbie. Yeah, I'll cross nmy paws for you that it's the 10%. I'll share with you my hammie treats too

~ Girl girl

Butchy & Snickers said...

Oh Herbie,
You are so darn cute in that picture. We'll be praying for you to be the 10% pal. We want you around for a lot more years. Your family needs you. Plus Koi Herbie says you are to live as long as he does and koi can live MANY MANY years. Stay brave Herbie!!!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

The Brat Pack said...

That's such a great pic of you. :)

We're thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

Hello Herbie's M,

I will pray very hard for Herbie.

And I know that Herbie will be strong as he will draw the positive Chi from you.

Hang in there.

Ben_Benjamin said...

Sorry pal, mom is busy lately. So I cant blog so often and Im sorry for your pain pain. I hope you are doing ok now and Im sure you will be ok. So keep BEGGING !!!

Comet and BLU said...

We hope Herbie beats the odds. With a promise of unlimited and unrestricted begging in the future, he just may. Our thoughts are with Herbie and the rest of his family.

Asta said...

Hi I just heawd fwom Opy about Herbie, stay stwong and live many more years..I will be pwaying for you and cwossing my paws..you look like a vewy special boy
sending smoochie kisses(they are vewy healing)
your fwiend

Cubby said...

Nice to meet you Herbie! Opy sent me over to wish you well. I'll send some boxer healing vibes your way!

Amber-Mae said...

Oh, that's just good to now that your M will not let you stop BEGGING! That's just good to know...From reading this post, I can see how much they really love you & will do anything to make you live a normal & happee life like any other healthy dogs. You're a vrey lucky boy & it's time for you to go now...Praying hard for you that your results will be negative.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Tommy said...


Anthony said...

Hi Herbie. Will pray all the best for you too. You have really touched my heart with your blog. Hope to meet you in real life one of these days.

chester.hi-flyer said...

just checking on you to see what's the latest and still keeping my paws tightly crossed for you, my dear pal!

you've been a great dog blogger and and even greater big brother to Helios....and i'm sure you'll continue to be that (and much more!) for a long long long long time!

take care...be back later. :)

Maggie said...

Whoa! You're begging for the best stuff Herbie! If your begging works, please save one of those for me too, okay? This means you have to live a long time because it'll take me a long time to walk to your house to get it!

Love ya lots,

Anonymous said...

I couldnt stop crying reading your blog and DS post. I know this is silly given that I have never met this dog. So I keep reminding myself that I should be praying for Herbie rather than to let tears flow.

And the last line in this latest entry finally made me laugh. Herbie is so positive and he never fails to put a smile on my face. I could easily imagine him saying that exact line if he can actually speak :P

Herbie's results will fall in the 10% group. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise, to let the family ponder upon how you should cherish him even more, how to pamper him every single day, how to make every single hour with him a quality time and of course, to allow him to beg ;P

Herbie's Fan

Balboa & Mommy said...

WOW all those donuts, just dive right in, hee hee

You are in our thoughts Herbie!

Balboa and Mommy

Huskee Boy said...

Hi Herbie,
Yes you won't believe how much of an impact u have on the people around you. When mom heard the news from godma, she kept asking dad 'Herbie how?'.. and dad kept asking back 'How come ah?'...
Don't worry, my whole family (plus The Maid) is praying for you.. Stay strong.

Mom's note to ur M: I so TOTALLY understand what u mean. Like u, it's always been a silent wish I had that I want my kid to know Huskee and grow up with him...

SheCairnBark@ said...

Dearest Herbie,
Cassie (the Cairn Terrier) and I leave our best wishes *hugz* Fight on strong. You have touched our hearts deeply.
Live each day to the fullest pal! Do not let the quantity of time each of us have left bother us, let's just make sure it's quality time spent together come what may, for better or worse. That's the valuable lesson you've taught me, to love and dote on Cassie to the most each day.
Take care Herbie, Helios and family...

Bogart said...

Sending you major AIRE ZEN Herbie, GET WELL SOON!!!!!


Snowball said...


Please remain positive. Actually, I got an enlarged lymph nodes since I was 2+ but my vet say that it could be cause by many reasons and I am alright ***TOUCH WOOD*** all these years.

Have faith in yourself and dun give up. I will continue to pray for you.


Charlie said...

Oh, yeah, WORK IT, Herbie!
- Charlie

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Oh Dogness what a nice platter of donuts!!!!! All for YOU!!!!!!

Keep your nose to the table
Keep your sights on the floor
Keep your eyes on the donuts
And beg for more and more and more!

Are you faking Herbs just for the extra treats? I sure hope so!

Some extra special
Bussie Kissies

Jake of Florida said...

Hi Herbie,

We read about you on the DWB news and wanted to stop by and give you a few encouraging woofs.

We'll be thinking about you and looking forward to some good news.

Jake and Just Harry, two wire fox terriers from South Florida, aka the Barkalot Boyz.

Anonymous said...

Hi Herbie,

Stay brave always as everyone will be praying for you and stay by your side. Whatever the results, stay happy always !! Woof, Nova.

Randi said...

Hi Herbie - I'm pleased to meet you..Opy sent me over here & I'm glad I came..I'm going to be putting my paws together all day & everyday for you...Please keep your energy up! We love you!
Love & Licks,

The Airechicks said...


What a happy face snap shot...

Beggin' whos beggin' that's asking really nice right ???

We'll be sending AIRE ZEN with Bogart...

Luckie Girl said...

Hey Herbie,
Okay, I will definately remind your Mom if she forgets what she says about BEGGING. :)

Maximillian the Valliant said...

We are all saying some prayers here Herbie. Even if we don't know you well...and there are FIVE of us. Think of all that prayer power, and if you add in Mom...well there you go.

Here's hoping you're a miracle...I know I am...my tumor was cancer, but it turned out to be the kind that isn't likely to matastize...or something like that. Keep up the faith.


Lorenza said...

Hi, Herbie.
I am sending you good vibes to help you get well soon.
That is a great picture of you!
Have a good night

Holly said...

Hi Herbie! I am visiting from Opy's blog. I would like to wish you luck and say a prayer for you to pull through! And I agree, you deserve all the treats and yummies you can sink your teeth into! Hugs to your humans!


Anonymous said...

hi herbie,

you look so happy in tt picture.. ha. of cos with all tt good stuffs in front of you.. ther's no reason not to be happy..

well, i've been following/reading your blog for quite some time and i hv to say i've become quite a fan of yours herbie. thus i had a shock when i saw your previous 2 entries.. i kept wondering how is it possible.. such a sweet dog.. i've nv met you and i was nv a great fan of GRs.. but like wat your M said, u've most certainty crawl your way into my heart and many others hearts (judgin frm the comments) as one sweet dog. a dog, me and my frens hv grown quite affectionate to just by readin your blog.. sounds silly but it's true.

my prayers are with you herbie.. i hope the results will be in the minority 10%. and i also pray for you to hv many more good, healthy doggy yrs to come..and continue bloggin about your adventures for us to read. and maybe one day i might/hope to hv the honour of meetin you in person.. i mean dog..and helios too..


Ume said...

hiya Herbie,
i'm sending u all my silky zen-zen vibes! paws crossed for your biopsy results! 10% 10% 10% 10%....

Stanley said...

Hey, Herbie Boy!

Just heard about you from DWB News. I'm planning on spending many years reading your blog (from here on out). Be strong, and know that there's an army of dogs praying for you and hoping for the best. (I'm one of them)!

Also, along with Airedale Zen, I'm sending along some of my cosmic goober juice (I'm told my drool has healing properties). Couldn't hurt, right?

Goober love,

Mocha The Curly said...

Herbie Herbie do stay strong! You will overcome this and get well soon! I will ask my mommie to give you lots of treats for staying strong and pawsitive.

Pacco de Mongrel said...

so herbiw also learn d fine art of begging

snugpug said...

Am coming out of lurking to send you and Herbie good vibes. You don't know me, I've been reading since I found your blog mentioned in the papers in an article about dogs with blogs. I have a mini Schnauzer and a smooth fox terrier. There is something about a dog that pulls dog people together, so much more a sick one.

Queeni, my Schnauzer had a mast cell tumour removed, along with a toe, earlier this year. At first, we weren't sure if the amputation would involve the entire foot or even a leg. But as it turned out, it was not as bad as we feared and she has since recovered.

She taught me one thing -- that sometimes owies come but they almost certainly go. That one can milk one's humans while one's not feeling so good and continue to milk them for long after.

And that dogs can take almost anything in their stride. That's how big they are. And that we, the humans, can only hope to keep up.

Best of luck to you and your boy.

Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful picture of you Herbie - keep up the begging and I've got everything crossed for you that you will be in that 10%.


Texas's Mum said...

Hi Herbie,
We are still praying for you and
keeping you and your M in our thoughts
so when you can please let us know the
news ok.
We hope that you will be in the 10% buddy
ok so stay strong.

Love and Licks
Texas (and his humans).

P.S.Oh on the begging thing I will
be happy to be a witness for you.

Roxie, Sammy and Andy said...

We are fellow DWBers who are here to offer our support. We are all hoping for the best for you and your family and, after this scare has passed, you will have more friends then you know what to do with!

Bella said...

Sending all good wishes and thoughts to you Herbie for some good news on the tests and many more happy days.

Natasha Fernz said...

Hey there Herbie

Just heard that you weren't well from Opy. Will be keeping our fingers, toes and paws crossed for you...

Get well soon

Natasha & Cleo


Abby and Holly here just to wish you all the best. Thinking of you all and keeping our paws crossed for good news.

love and licks

Abby and Holly

Anonymous said...

Herbie, we are praying hard for you and keeping all out 8 paws crossed. In the meantime, keep your HEADS UP BOY!!!

Cav & Toby

Max Dex said...

Hey herbie, I hope you get well soon!
It ain't nice to be sicky. Once you are ok, beg all you need!!

Freda said...

Hey Herbies,

Opy barked that you were ill. Sorry to hears. I hope you get well soons so you can begs and begs and begs!
Please get wells.

Wuufs with crossed paws.

Freda Ƨ

Toby said...


We are praying for you and hoping that you will be that 10%. Stay strong and keep your chin up high.


fee said...

hi herbie, i'm happy for the begging deal you struck with your mommy!

i hope, hope, hope your test results will be negative. there is a supplement from japan called sun chlorella that is supposed to help with cancer and with the maintenance of good health overall. you can google it and see if you might want to try it (available locally in guardian but cheaper in certain chinese medical halls at $120 or so). it's for human consumption but mom just does a body weight division and gives me about 4 tablets every day to keep me healthy. there is also a pet version in the pet shops but i haven't tried it.

is the reiki helping? my mom believes in alternative health therapies as a complement to what the vet prescribes too. please keep us updated when you can. take care herbie!

loves and hugs,

ToFFee said...

I saw Opy's post and went to check out how you are doing..

I hope you're feeling better now..

we'll keep you in our prayers.


Anonymous said...

Hi Herbie,

I am praying for you. Be strong and I strongly believe that God will bless you. I hope this website discussing about cancer would be useful for you and your family.



Dinky said...

though we've only met a couple of times at the dog run while you were being air-dried after your bath.. but you've definitely crept into me and my mummy's hearts..

we'll pray for you and your M to stay strong and stay positive no matter wat alrighty? Everything will be alright!