Saturday, February 24, 2007


My M has been trying to catch a recording of me snoring for the longest time, but wasn't always successful because I don't snore regularly, or for long periods of time even when I do, and sometimes she does not have the camera with her.

She finally managed to catch me in the act a few days ago when I was sleeping right at her feet. She says that unlike normal deep, low snorts for snores, I wheezes instead. And some people are actually surprised that dogs snore as well. Yes, we do snore, and fart, and burp and all other stuff that humans do as well. Actually, maybe not all dogs snore, apparently Tommy doesn't, he only twitches when he's dreaming.

So here's me in ZZzZ-land.... don't you dare laugh!

By the way, for those non-dog owners, we dogs have a 2nd eyelid as well. My M thought it was very interesting that my lower eyelid was flipping up when I was sleeping initially when I stayed with her.

See my other eyelid?

So sometimes I look as if I'm awake when I'm actually sleeping.


Actually, this would be a totally cool trick for those who fall asleep in class. The teacher can never catch you 'sleeping' in class.... heh heh heh


Jasper said...

Hi Herbie,
I am Jasper.
I enjoyed your blog...and those sleeping pics/video are KEWL...don't be embarrased, I snore too.

Jasper said...

I have one question...what kind of camera does your M use??? Your blog is full of totally KEWL photos and great action shots!!!

Maggie said...

I love the video of you sleeping like a baby. You make me tired just watching you!

Love ya lots,

Anthony said...

Wow Herbie. How I wish I can have that double eyelid of yours. Then I can sleep while I'm in office!

Noname name said...

its the photographer, not the camera :)
any idea what's the purpose of the 2nd eye lid ?

Sundae said...


Paris had the same sleepinghabits as you. She twitches and snores, and she closes only her 2nd eye lids when asleep.

Joe Stains said...

ok we laughed a little bit!!

Fu Fu said...

Herbie, you look so cute sleeping like a BIG BIG stuff doggie. and cool with the 2nd eye lid thingy. Bet the humans wish they can do that while they were in class.

~ fufu

Huskee Boy said...

Hi Herbie,
According to my humans, they've even heard me growl once in my sleep.. (it happened 2 weeks ago).. yah and I fart in my sleep too.. I have got plenty of witness for that!

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

HeeHee - Charlie does the same thing - mum and dad say he is having "doggie dreams".


Charlie said...

Ah, another fan hog just like me :-)

You gotta be comfy right Herbie!

Luv Chuck

Furkids in Hong Kong said...

Lol, agree with anthony. Them double eyelids sure can come in handy!