Sunday, February 18, 2007

Year of the Oink

It's the first day of the Lunar New Year today, and I'm a little sad, because my year, which is the Year of the Dog has just ended. It's the Year of the Pig starting from today, and my M told me it's all right because I'm a pig disguised as a dog, so it'll still be my year this year.

Anyway, I'll be going visiting later, so there may not be time for updates. I hope I get lots of treats!!

To keep you occupied, here's some updated pictures of very cute (but not as cute as me) Helios.

Helios at 7 weeks

He sure looks like an innocent and serious looking little chap, doesn't he? But do not be fooled by his exterior, he's actually a cunning little one. The breeder updated my M to say that he is the first escape artist of the litter!

These are her EXACT words:
"Just to let you know your little boy has become the first to escape the puppy yard!! In the mornings I let them out from the kennels and they all go out on the grass or dirt and do what puppies do and then go on out to the puppy yard and stay out there until mid-morning. This morning I heard the puppies creating a bit of noise and there was the escapist trotting up and down in front of the big dogs as proud as could be! I have no idea how or where he got out from so might have to go on a 'stake out' when they go back out this afternoon :) He is such a darling little boy and he looked so pleased with himself :)"

I'm sure she'll be mighty glad to get rid of Helios to my M. My M is gonna be in for a little hard work I think... hiak hiak hiak.

Now, if only I can get him to open the treats cupboard above the sink.....


yl said...

you need to cooperate with Helios... you give him a head-up, and the escape artist can do the rest. both of you would make a pair of very good 神偷 (shen2 tou1)!! :P

Noname name said...

When is Helios arriving to meet Herbie?

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

So, it is going to be the year of the Helios.

Bussie Kissies

Joe Stains said...

uh oh, sounds like helios might be a terrier in disguise!!! good luck !! hahaha

Fu Fu said...

Hey Herbie. Happy new year to you. Did you have lots of bacon and ang pows? Helios sure do look cute..

~ fufu

joanie said...

Happy CNY Herbie! Did the humans pamper u with lots of treats? I'm sure they did becos u are simply too adorable. Are u looking forward
to the arrival of your little bro Helios? Hope to see more updates of Helios, he is sooooooooo cute!

Esther said...

Goodness! Helios is so very cuteeee!

Luna said...

Helios may not be as cute as you Herbie.. but he is sure a very handsome puppy.

Scooby said...

Herbie, eat all you can now before Helios gets there otherwise you will have to start sharing your food! I have had my diet reduced eversince my best friend Casper came along. He steals all my food from under my nose. Not fair. He eats so much.

Furkids in Hong Kong said...

Helios is one handsome chap! But you're still the sweetest.

Thanks for visiting us at our blog and we wish you and your dearest ones a very happy and healthy Year of the Pig.