Saturday, February 10, 2007

Pet Photography

Ok, my M has decided to supplement her income by offering outdoor pet photography services. If you would like to have nice photos like I do, go tell your humans now!

The charges are: $80 for the following
1. 5 x 5R photos (inclusive of digital file in CD)
2. Another 5 digital files

Note: If you do not want the photos to be developed, it can be changed to an extra digital file (ie: 11 digital files for $80)

1. Extra digital files @ $5 each
2. Extra pet @ $20 each (Max 3)

Normally, others photographers do not let you have extra digital files, or some do not even give you the files for the photos you have chosen, so you have to develop from them if you want extra prints. So this is a chance for you to keep the digital files so that you can develop them on your own, use it for your website, or give to family and friends.

The session is subject to weather conditions (it is outdoors afterall). If you happen to have a Sentosa trip, and would like pictures of your dog on the beach, it can also be arranged.

Please email my M at if you have any questions.

For my friends overseas, my M said she'll gladly take the photos for you if transport is provided (hint hint).

If you want to see samples of my M's pictures, just go to her gallery here, but the photos there are not too updated, or search through my blog for sentosa/ beach/ outings.


Charlie said...

Hi Herbie,

I hope you get a commission for advertising this new business venture on your blog. Its gotta be worth some treats!


Sophie Brador said...

Do you think your M would charge a travel fee to come to Montreal to take photos? tee hee hee.
Nice pics! Bon chance with the business venture.

ndroo said...

Your M is doing great and I'm sure people will be happy with the photos she does. I'd engage her to shoot my pet if I ever have one ... for now, maybe I'll get her to take passport photos of myself :P