Monday, January 15, 2007

Petgamart and a new home for Rocky please!

My M took me to a quite newly opened petstore the other day, and guess what I saw there? A pony!


Oh wait, it's not a pony. It's the store based great dane. Oh boy, I feel so small standing next to it, and I can't imagine how Jack and Joey would feel. No wonder Jack kept growling to make sure the great dane stayed away when he came too near. Don't think it'll be a nice feeling being squashed by gigantic paws.

And can you imagine the neckache the dane would get from sniffing chihuahua's butts?

Crick in the neck

And here's a short clip of us playing, or rather me attempting to play.

And of course, no trip to the petstore goes without me checking out the food.

Can I have one of this... and this... and that...

Unfortunately, my M said that since I have diarrhoea when I eat kibbles, I can't buy any. Darn!


On another note, is anyone interested in a labrador? Lovely Rocky is up for adoption. Here's his details:

Breed: Labrador Retriever

Age: 4 yrs

Gender: Male

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Good with Children: No info

Good with Dogs: Yes

Good with other animals: No info

Dog's Temperament: Friendly, good natured

Dog's Problems: NIL

Ideal Owner: Any, as long as is responsible

Ideal Home: Landed/ Condo - HDB need NOT apply

Other information:
- understands basic command like, sit, stay, handshake.
Be carefull when you use the command "rea aady... GO!" . He will gets very very Ready and run to fetch whatever you throw or to another mate which is at the far end. Just grab the collar firm when you say "ready" and let go as "GO!" is let out from your mouth.
- likes to swim a lot.
If you bring him to walk along the sea side, you may notice he keeps walking towards the sea if he can hear the wave. He is a very Good Swimmer. he can pop his head into the water looking for his toy.


Interested parties please contact this lady
She would like to reinforce that Rocky is VERY affectionate.

So if you think YOU are the one for Rocky, what are you waiting for? He's waiting for someone to give all his love to!


fufu said...

Herbie, if you look so small besides that "pony" then I'll be like a dot only...
So did you buy anything from that pet store?

~ fufu

Sundae said...

That pony once harrassed me, Mom was so scared that he would chomp me up if I were to show signs of defense. That got the uncles dragging the pony away.

Joe Stains said...

that dog is GIGANTIC!!

BLU said...

The girl took us to a store like that the other day. She usually doesn't let us go with her because Comet pees on everything and barks at other dogs. It wasn't very busy when we went, but then another dog got too close to Comet and he started barking and marking. The girl made us leave and didn't even buy us any toys. I hope you got to shop longer than we did.

Herbie said...

Fufu: Yes, I can imagine that you'll be totally lost in his hooves... I mean, paws.

Sundae: Actually that pony tried to hump me. I usually don't like strange big male dogs humping me, but I was still making up my stand against a pony when Aunty G and my M asked the store staff to take the pony away.

Joe: Yeah... I only reached up to his CHEST!

Blu: Well, she did buy something, but it's all for the new puppy!!!!! I only got a lousy tooth cleaning gel.

buster said...

You need to bring Helios there!

Bussie Kissies

Ben said...

OMdoG, thats such a huge pony....

Sunshade said...

HOLY that IS a horsie!! You guys can run around under him to play chase!

ps. just for your information, my landscaping did not cut off my internet!!!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

SG said...

Hi Herbie!

Many thanks for including Rocky in your post.

P.S. You didn't try "riding" the pony?

Nova said...

Rocky seems to be the perfect dog sports talent for me...if I'm allowed to keep another dog...Hope Rocky can find his forever home soon.