Wednesday, January 24, 2007

More poor dogs for adoption!

My M just received a forwarded email from her friend's friend, which says:

"Currently there are four dogs which I am rescuing from the breeder farm

Urgently need them to be adopted otherwise the breeder might put them to sleep.pls call me if you want to adopt any of these dogs otherwise pls pass to your friends or colleague who are interested."

I don't have any further information about the dogs other than the above. Here's their pics:

Rhodesian Ridgeback




I don't know how anyone can be so cruel as to put to sleep healthy dogs just because they are no longer of any 'value' to the human. Look at their eyes, such sadness and dejection!

Anyone who can help adopt, please contact this lady, Irene at

*Update: Only the 2 JRTs are up for adoption now. The %^@(^%#@ breeder changed his mind and wants to keep the other 2 for breeding. The JRTs are about 1-2 years old.


Joe Stains said...

so sad :( someone dumped tanner at the pound and that is how we got him. which mom says is a GREAT thing. I think its ok ;)

Tin Tin said...

Heartbreaking pix.

I hope they find lovely homes.

Chow for now,

Tin Tin xo

Snickers said...

We adopted Snickers from a shelter. She is a Rat Terrier. They look alot like JRT's, but a shorter coat and longer legs. We had to amputate one of Snickers legs. It was badly deformed and painful for her. She was a puppy mill dog. Very sad, but we love her dearly and she is a wonderful dog. I would recommend these dogs. Lots of fun and energy.
Anyway, keep up the good work and Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

hi herbie,

there was some miscommunication i think. My M adopted Ball, the pug, in the end. Not like what tt Irene claims, the breeder has no intention to put the dogs to sleep. I have no idea why Irene said that. I seriously think that she has got her facts wrong as the Ridgeback was adopted by another guy in the end. My M was there buying stuff for me, and the lady asked if she want to adopt another dog, which was how Ball joined our family. =)