Thursday, July 27, 2006

Rafv's punishment

Poor Rafv got punished, right immediately after he stepped into the park too! He was attempting to chew off a JRT who was humping his head, so he was made to carry his leash and sit there as punishment.

My M was trying out her new phone function, which apparently allows her to take a picture, and blog it immediately. cool huh! I hope that won't mean more embarrassing pictures of me. Of other dogs, I don't mind... hiak hiak hiak


ice said...

gosh i better siam when your M is around.. dun wanna get captured online looking unglam.. its already bad being unglam in real life.

Sam I am said...

Poor Rafv
Can Herbie help!!!!
lots of licks

Boo Boo said...

Poor Rafv .... but errr .... Rafv is so big, whats a JRT doing ON HIS HEAD? and HUMPING HIS HEAD???? its just sounds so wierd ....

herbie said...

ice: be afraid... be very afraid....

sam: I'm not a good fighter, but I won't mind helping Rafv finish his leftovers

Boo Boo: Rafv's head was lowered coz he's sniffing. And he hates being humped, barked at, growled at etc...

rafv's mum said...

Oh dear.. When I am not here in Singapore, my boy is so naughty? I thought he LOVES JRT?? Just can't imagine how the humpping was... ahhhhh....

but you have got a nice gadget huh!!


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