Sunday, July 02, 2006

Life's embarassing moments..

After reading about Rafv's recent embarassment, to make him feel a little better, I'll share with him what happened to me some years ago.

Well, it was early in the morning and my M took me out for a long, happy walk. There were so many interesting things to see on the walk that I was looking here and there as I trotted alongside her. And as I was walking, something caught my attention.

What's that??

I turned my head around to look, and as my M was still walking, I had to continue moving as well. By the time that interesting thing went out of sight, I turned back and....


... walked into a pillar.....

My M found it so funny that she had to stop walking just to laugh at me. My only consolation is, it's early in the morning and there was no one around who saw me knock into the pillar.

Don't ask me what was the interesting thing I saw... I can't remember coz I think the knock on the head gave me a concussion.


rafv said...

haha-!! Big releif. There is a more unglam dog than me out there! I think knocking onto pillar is far less chance that dropping into drain! Keep it up, Herbie. hehee!


P.S, YOur mum got a talent of drawing too. V cute drawing!

ice said...

i thought knocking into pillars is quite common... i lost count of the number of two legged humans who knocked into lamppost while dragging their barking dogs away from my slave and russell and me...