Friday, July 07, 2006

Automatic Butt Cleaner?

Ya, I know it's a weird title, but as I was having the runs sometime last week, my M thought of an automatic butt cleaner. The problem when I have a tummyache is that, I keep getting wet poo stuck on my butt fur, partly because I have very bushy featherings and tail. On nice, clean days, my M is very proud of my nice featherings, but on diarrhoea days, it gives her a headache.

Because if we're outside, there's no running water to wash my butt, and she'll have to get drinking water to do it, or risk me slapping my poo butt in other people's face (I like having my bum scratched, so sometimes I'll turn around until my bum faces the human. Not a nice sight if it's stuck with unmentionables.) But due to the scarcity of drinking water, she can't always wash my butt as long as she would like.

but... butt... but...

I don't usually have pictures of my butt taken, coz naturally people will try to aim for my head when taking pictures. This was cropped from a photo of me and Rafv playing, and you can see me nice, but wet (from sea water, not what you might think) bum.

What has all this got to do with an automatic butt cleaner then? Well, on my M's recent trip to Japan, she found a very interesting invention in their toilets.


An automatic butt cleaner for humans! They have buttons that when pressed, will shoot out a jet of water to wash your bum, and you can even control the volume/ strength of the water!

My M was thinking how nice it would be if they invented a portable one, so that she can just wash my butt with a push of a button. Better still if they have an automatic dryer built in as well.

Any brillant scientist want to try their hands at inventing a portable automatic butt cleaner cum dryer for dogs?


Rafv said...

Ahhh.. Herbie. I think Scientist doesn't buy your idea lah.. (How many dogs like you often got dirty butt? haha!)

and the water will go very closely to your "hole".. My mum
mind you first. keke

Her preferable volume/strength : Midium and cool air dryer!(Hot air version makes her butt itchy. :)


Scuba said...

I have no problem with poo sticking to my tail or fur.

I wonder why!!!!hehe