Monday, November 14, 2011

Teeth Scaling

My M finally decided to send me for teeth scaling and I had it done last friday.

Here's the before of my dirty teeth. Actually I was pretty happy with it, I think it looks fine but my M thinks otherwise.

I was still feeling groggy when they picked me up from the vet and I couldn't walk straight. Even my baby sister was able to hold me back when usually I'll be the one pulling her along.

On the way back, we walked past a group of uncles chatting and when they saw the way I walked, they commented to each other "this is a very old dog. See, no strength already." My M had to correct them and said I was still under the effect of anaesthetic.

I was so groggy that I just went to lie down when I got home. My M thought it was funny that my muscles were so relaxed that my eyes were droopy and she said it's the first time I was sooooo mellow.

I'd like to put on record that I am VERY sad and upset that Aunty V and Aunty G is considering putting me on long term medication to keep me mellow. What's all this talk about personal space?? I poke them incessantly precisely because I LOVE them.

Of course, after all that work, I had to show off my pearly whites.

I must admit, they do look better now. So my M has just bought new toothpaste and is now on a mission to keep them clean by attempting to clean my teeth every night, with the help of my baby sister. (groans)

Here she is, trying to clean my teeth AGAIN whem my M has already done so.

And to think that I don't even get a treat after all those teeth abuse! M: That will sorta defeat the purpose of cleaning your teeth last thing at night, right?


Pippa said...

Hmmm. I will have to make sure Misery does not read this post. Your new white teeth look wonderful, but you sure do look groggy after all that. Hope you are feeling better.


Sam said...

You teeth look great! We had Sam's done a few months ago. We may have to try Monty - it would be nice to have a few hours of him being mellow!


Keith Andrea said...

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Penny's Mumma said...

Your teeth look gorgeous!! so glad you got thru the cleaning and anesthetic ok. Tell mom to hang in there with the brushing. It can be awkward to do on someone else, let alone a dog!! But well worth it.
Keep smiling!!