Friday, November 04, 2011

My sister, the dentist

My sister recently declared I have a broken tooth. I think it's because I have gaps in between my teeth.

Anyway, my M will be bringing me for teeth scaling next week. Maybe I should do a before and after of my teeth to show you guys.


Penny's Mumma said...

Helios, I hope all goes well with the teeth cleaning.
I'm a dentist, so I was pretty particular about brushing my dog's teeth every day. Both looked like you, Helios. Camry needed her teeth cleaned professionally every year no matter how much I brushed her teeth, she had a lot of tarter. But Penny's teeth stayed clean from my brushing, they were really white. Carrots and veggies help too.
Let us know how it goes and be well,


Sam said...

We just had Sam's teeth done for the first time - he broke a tooth on a deer antler! :(


Dino and Family said...

Good Boy, Helios! You are so gentle with your sister! Can't wait to see your pearlie whites!

Keith Andrea said...

that good Helios, be gentle with your dentist.

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