Sunday, October 03, 2010

Happy Children's Day!

It was Children's Day last Friday and my baby sister's childcare organised an outing to the park. Of course, at 3.5 years old, I am considered a child as well, so my M decided to bring me along and at the same time take some pictures of me since she felt she has not taken pictures for me for quite some time.

I was so happy to be going for an outing that I was running in joy!

The park was near to a shipyard place so we can see BIG ships nearby.

In between my nice, posed photos....

I was actually taking a rest at a pavilion. I was the first one there, but later a couple came and they decided to be lovey dovey in my pavilion. My M thought it's a bit strange since couples usually like to seek secluded spots but this couple decided to choose to be lovey dovey right next to me.

They were smooching before this pic was taken...

Anyway, my sister's schoolbus finally arrived and I met up with the children. They didn't quite know what to do with me at first.

Can someone give me a massage?

So my baby sister had to demonstrate...

And I must say they are all very quicker learners!

Full body massage!!

They had some kiddy games later, where you're supposed to guess the person behind the card.

I wasn't intersted in this game at all since I can already guess with my nose.

The kids later made me fetch sticks and run races with them, but too bad my M didn't have the chance to take the pictures of us playing because she was too busy maintaining order with me and the screaming kids. I was almost going deaf with all the kids shouting instructions at me!

But in all, it was a fantastic day out for me. I was so tired from all the running that I slept the afternoon away. And so did my baby sister.

Happy Children's Day to all who are still young at heart!


Sam said...

Those are marvelous pictures! Everyone looks so happy!


Anonymous said...

ur baby sister is the smallest and the most adorable one! love seeing kids and dogs playing together. =)

BuyWoWWarlock said...

there something about the picture of you and the couple. i find it entertaining. hehehe

TESOL certification said...

The camera and the children loves you!