Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dog Run (II)

I've not gone to the park for a few weeks now since the dog run was closed so last weekend, my M thought we should make a trip there to see how things are moving along.

Of course, she didn't tell me that the run is still closed so I happily dragged her and my baby sister towards the direction of the dog run, until I came to this...

A barrier!!

Look at how tightly I was pulling the leash to check out the barrier. Even my baby sister seems a little shocked that her way was blocked.

We went near the new fence and on closer look, we saw this:

It won't be ready until 15 Oct!!

Well, since we came all the way here, I might as well take a photo with my future new dog run.

I just hope that there will not be any further extentions to the closure. I need to mark the new place and play with my friends.

When will you be ready?

1 comment:

Sam said...

It should be open then? I hope you have lots of fun there!