Saturday, July 21, 2007


This is a belated post.... I had wanted to post it but then I had the problem with blogger and later our tummies. Speaking of tummies, we're both ok now. My M is very happy she doesn't have to come home to landmines any more, and my MM is happy he doesn't have to mop the floor too. All the aunties agreed that I've recovered coz I've started begging again. As for Helios, no one could tell he was sick coz he was, and still is running and hopping all over the place.

Anyway, back to this belated post....

Sometime ago, Fei's human made a pledge to donate some money to a local charity, and she roped in other dog bloggers to make the pledge too. So my M decided to donate to Animal Lovers League.

She thought it's a worthy affair, so she will try to donate more regularly to other dog organizations as well.

Maybe I should start donating too. Do they accept chicken wings as donations?


Amber-Mae said...

Oh that's sooo good of your M to do... I'm glad to hear that you both are okay! Phew! hehehe...

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

e said...

haha that's so funny - I'm sure the doggies would love chicken wings.
Thank you so much for doing this!
We'll post your contributions on our blog when we get the chance.


Girl Girl Hamster said...

Good to hear that you're better now Herbie. So you can get treats now? Nice of your M to donate, I think some of the dogs might welcome chicken wings donation. :)

~ girl girl

Ume said...

keke... dats v totful of u, Herbie! n v kind gesture of your M!