Tuesday, June 05, 2007


This is a post about Sundays on a Tuesday. Hmm... I hope I am making cents.

(Herbie: Sense! Sense! Sense!!!!)

I love Sundays

becoz I get to chew on bone bone for breakfast!

but I hate getting my paws dirty so I chew like this!

My big brother herbie doesn't mind his paws getting dirty so he chew like this. Look at his bloody paws!!

And he's got powderful jaws! You can hear him go crunch and crack in the background!

But I also hate sundays becoz I gotta bath. I no like bathing.

Miserable us!

But I like sundays again because we get to go to the park to air dry!

We play to air-dry... I look fur-rocious, ya?

sometimes herbie look fur-rocious

then sometimes I look fur-rocious again

then he look fur-rocious again

We take turns being fur-rocious

Sometimes I run to air-dry

But herbie prefers to meditate to air-dry. Look, he is willing his fur to dry up!

It works all the time but it takes a long time to work. So sometimes he falls asleep while meditating.

(Herbie: I was not! I'm at the next level of erm... meditation! My soul actually left my body at this point in time!)

My big brother herbie is very smart. He can meditate anywhere! Nothing can disturb him being ONE with the universe he says, except food, because spiritual beings need food to sus-stain too. I want to be like herbie when I grow up too!

So now I practise hard on Yoga

Herbie says this is called 'Digging a hole' position. I told you he's smart!

(Herbie: It's soooo easy to trick young punks nowadays!)

So that's my sunday mornings. What do you do on sundays?


Joe Stains said...

Hi herbie and helios, I spent sunday in bed pouting. you guys are lucky to get to go to the park to dry, it is too hot here :(

Amber-Mae said...

Wow Herbie, your jaws are super duper string! You must have a heck of muscles in there eh? Hehehehe... You remind me of Jaws, hmmmm... I love bones too but no way I can crush a bone like you do Herbie. Helios, you look nice in those pictures playing with your big brother.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Maggie said...

You're getting big! It's nice to see you playing with Herbie.
We love our long walkie on Sunday! We walk 3 miles!

Love ya lots,

Gigi, Slurpee, Nachos and Murrey said...

We get baths too. Only we dont usually get to run dry. We usually get to run the bathe. that's because Nachos like to sit in muddy water.

Gigi & brats at home

Sky said...

Dear Helios,

Is that a mutton bone? How come you could get bone that is not too big? I also prefer not to dirty my paws when chewing the bones.My JJ could only get those big bones.

Wow, you & your big brother are having alots of fun at the dog run.

I have an idea maybe we shld organise a chewing bones day for us dogs. That wuld be so fun =)

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Helios, you have such a cute way to air dry your fur fur

~ girl girl

Luckie the Dachie said...

Hi guys,
I'm always at home on Sunday mornings cos my hoomans very lazy..they say they need to rest since Monday need to go back to work.