Friday, December 09, 2005

Jack & Joey

Well, Jack and Joey came over last night. I think their HC had something on and so she asked my M to look after them. Well, it was no fun with them around, especially with Jack. I was practically trotting home (I usually walk at a leisurely pace) coz I was afraid Jack would nip my butt. (M: Side note- Jack & Joey were walking behind Herbie's big butt. And I think his butt blocked their view, they kept trying to overtake him and Herbie, most likely attempting to get away from Jack, quickened his pace, so it went on for a while, with the dogs walking faster and faster, and me there struggling with a water bottle, a bag and 3 weaving dogs. :P )

Jack barked whenever the bedroom door was going to be opened, or when people outside walked past. My M scolded him 'No, Quiet!' a few times but he only stoped for a while then continue again. And he and Joey were sitting at the door almost the whole night. To think that the big BOSS is so insecure (hiak hiak hiak).

Not that I play with them in the first place, but having them around were BORING. The only good thing that happened was that thanks to them, I got fed cheese coz my M was trying to lure them to the room so had to entice them with food.

I think I would prefer Tommy, or Scuba or even naughty Rafv to play anytime.

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