Sunday, December 04, 2005


Tommy's been limping recently and there's lots of rumours and speculation why he's limping. Some say he's sprained his foot, others say he's hurt his ligament. And a few thinks that he has been playing and running and jumping too much.

But the truth is..... I bit him. I hope no one finds out. *cross paws*

Can I have some ketchup with that leg?


rafv said...

Let's go herbie, let's go Herbie!

How come Tommy so nice to you?
If me, he will surely get angry..


ndroo said...

Errr ... now I start to worry when I'm near Herbie! Shoo! Shoo! Don't come near! I don't look like Hello Kitty!

Jean said...

They were playing lah. You think if they start fighting I still have time to take photos? :P