Saturday, October 06, 2012

All wrapped up

Spot anything different about me in this photo?


Take a closer look.... at my elbow.

Look at poor injured me!

Before you go into panic mode, don't worry, I didn't really break both my elbows while attempting breakdancing. It's actually pressure sores, or calluses on my elbows from resting on hard surfaces for prolonged period of time. I've always prefer the cool floor to beds/ sofas and I usually plonk myself down so over the years, my elbows have become bare and in my M's opinion, quite ugly.


Close up of my ugly sore.

My M noticed that I kept licking my elbows and it was getting a bit raw and red and she was worried that I'll get them infected. So she decided to wrap them up. We tried socks initially but it kept slipping down and ended up being ankle wraps instead. So she got those bandages from the pharmacy to wrap things up first. I got quite a few strange looks from passer-bys when going on walks. I bet they must have thought I'n an abused dog, or maybe they thought how can a dog with injured elbows walk so normally. However, the long term solution to my ugly elbows is to make me sleep less on the floor, so my M went to buy me a new mattress.

Not that I don't appreciate it, but I still prefer the floor so my M has resorted to ordering me to stay on the bed. Sometimes I still try to sneak away when she's not noticing.

(M: Helios never had the habit of sleeping on soft surfaces. Back when Herbie was around, Herbie would join me on the sofa bed for afternoon naps but Helios even as a pup, can only stay on the bed for about 5 minutes before jumping up and down and under the bed before ending up sleeping on the floor. He would only go to Herbie's bed when herbie was around but never go and sleep on the bed on his own. So now I have to force him to sleep on the new mattress every night. Initially he keeps going off the mattress in the middle of the night but he's getting better the last few nights, only leaving it when it's near morning.)

Don't tell my M, but I think I'm slowly getting used to my new mattress.

Now she just hopes that the fur will slowly grow back over my ugly elbows.


Sam said...

Sam has the same thing - he does prefer the cooler floor to the carpeting.


SS said...

Hi, my adopted gal has this issue since day 1 when I adopted her from the puppy mill. So far she has been with me for coming to 3 yrs now, I dont see fur growing back on those areas though. She is also like Helios, prefering the floor than her own bed or my bed. She will sleep for a while then run down on her own.