Monday, February 13, 2012

Head on collision

There was a minor accident at home yesterday.

Remember I once blogged about having fun with my baby sister playing bubbles? Well, we had another session of bubble fun yesterday.

Then my baby sister decided she wanted to catch bubbles as well and my M was given the task of shooting the bubbles. And we were both going after the same bubble when we ran head long into each other. I went away unscathed but one of my tooth accidentally poked my baby sister near the brow and there was a small pin prick wound which bled.

She started bawling immediately. I guess it must be pretty painful but luckily my baby sister was never much of a crybaby and my M managed to pacify her within minutes. I got banned from further bubble fun and my baby sister made me promise not to bang her head again.

I'm glad my baby sister's ok. I'd feel really bad if something happened to her. Anyway, that night my M had a talk with her to say it was an accident and we were both at fault for not looking where we were running so my baby sister came to apologize to me for knocking into me as well.

I lurve my baby sister!


Sam said...

That happens! I've been poked many times from collisions with our pups! Don't feel bad!


Mitch and angel Maggie said...

I'm sure it was just an accident. I hope neither one of you gets any bruises!

Love ya lots,