Thursday, August 25, 2011

Non-swimming beach trip

Just to share with you some peektures my M took of me and my baby sister on our recent trip to the beach. Unfortunately, I wasn't allowed to go swim coz my M says the water doesn't look that clean and also she did not bring any of my shower stuff.

But I still like sitting down and enjoying the sea breeze.

We found a sand shell thingy that someone made and left it there. My M said it's giant Helios poop.

Poop and me?

Now I look like a camel with that poopy... I mean shelly thing behind me.

Although I didn't get to swim, both of us enjoyed the day very much.


Penny's Mumma said...

Beautiful pictures! Helios, you are so calm at the beach. Penny was a red golden also, but she was crazy at the beach - she was digging or barking for us to throw the tennis ball in the water. Looks like all of you had fun

Maggie and Mitch said...

We just love that last picture of you and your cute sissy, Helios!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Sam said...

Sometimes, all you need is a best friend to have a good day!


Homer said...

Hi Helios,

That's a very nice photo of you and your baby sister!


Pippa said...

That looks so nice and tranquil at your beach. Our beaches are very busy at this time of year. And when they aren't I don't get to go anyway because I run around looking for dead seagulls to eat and other such tasties.


Donna Parsley said...

What a cute dog! I think he loves the beach so much. And who wouldn't? Just look at that white sand. Even without swimming, enjoying a beautiful beach like that is so easy.