Tuesday, July 12, 2011

K9 Cafe

Just two weeks ago, my MM took all of us to the K9 cafe for brunch. Or rather, they had brunch and I had the scraps. Something is wrong here. If it's a canine (K9) cafe, why are THEY getting food and I'm getting scraps? Isn't the cafe meant for me?

Anyway, I almost fell asleep waiting for the food to arrive. At least the humans had ice cream float while they waited.


I tried to check out the progress in the kitchen but the door was closed.


Finally the food arrived but I had to wait for my baby sister to start eating first.

Hurry up!

And of course she had to tempt me...

This is pepperoni...

As if I didn't know that's pepperoni, and anyway, I don't care what that is!

Just feed me already!

Well, in the end, I did manage to get a few pieces of pizza, and fries.

Contented tummies

I also made some new friends...

BC: What's this thing on you?

BC: Erm, you do know there's something on your back?
Me: Yeah... that's my baby sister.

Maybe I can try to get more food the next time we go back.


Sam said...

What a nice place to go!


Shane Kent Louis said...

Hello, what a beautiful place! I'm sure you really enjoy that place and you have a great time with your Family! Nice pictures! ^_^

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Homer said...

Hey Helios,

Sorry that your humans deprived you from food. That's a evil thing to do to you. But don't worry, I'll give you lots of yummy food when I see you nexxt time!

The Missus

Anonymous said...

Hi, we enjoyed reading Herbieshpere's blog especially seeing your kids growing up with the furkids and the bonding they have. it's amazing what you did and shared, imagine there are people out there abandoning their dogs with excuse of baby and dogs can't get along. it's all about us parents how we can make it happens.

We like to pass on the Versatile Blogger and Inspirational award to you. Drop by our blog post for the badges and details. Cheers!

Pippa said...

I think your baby sister is such a tease in that pepperoni pic.

And you make such a lovely backrest too.


Winnie said...

You and your baby sister look very content.

I'm Winnie and your friend Homer told me about you so I came by to say 'Hi'

Love and licks, Winnie the greyhound

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