Sunday, December 12, 2010

Nosey Affair

Lately, my M has been looking at my nose very frequently and she said that my nose's color is getting lighter.

She commented that even when my big brother herbie was 7 years old, he still had a very black nose.

My big brother herbie before he fell sick

I started with a very black nose too...

when I was a pup

Then somehow it just got gradually lighter at the tips

My M wonders if it's coz I was rubbing my nose too much, which resulted in quite a bloody mess the last time I did frantic rubbing.

See my bloody nose?

Or maybe because I like to poke my nose too much into other people's (and dog's) butts.

Oh well, I don't think it matters very much what color my nose is, as long as it can still smell. I think my baby sister would like it very much if my nose was orange, or pink.

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Sam said...

Sam's nose turned pink when he was a year old. We've always called it his "Pinken Nose". I've always heard it has to do with all kinds of things, from weather to eating out of plastic dishes.