Monday, September 20, 2010

Where's my dog run?

I went to my weekly weekend dog run last sunday and to my horror, this is what I saw!

Do you notice anything strange about the picture below? Make a guess...

My dog run is fenceless! I had to sniff both sides of the poles to make sure my eyes were not playing tricks on me. Oh the horror! Where am I supposed to find my friends? What will happen to my social life in future!

I was about to get ready to collaspe from apoplexy when my M reassured me that the dog run will be back. Apparently there's a huge upgrading of the whole park and the dog run is slated to be moved a short distance away. The workers had to remove the fences to put it at the new run.

If you see the picture below, the new dog run will be right behind the white fencing.

I was so relieved that my dog run will still be here. It seems that the new run is supposed to be ready by the end of this week. I hope that the workers will be done with it soon. I'm missing my friends already!


Janet Tan said...

I oso miss my dog run, haiz got to wait for s long time for it to be ready.

Sam said...

A place to run is important for our dogs! I would have panicked too!