Monday, November 02, 2009

Fishy Friends

I realise now that my baby sister is a cat too, like me! But I still don't know why I'm a cat when I'm obviously a dog. My M calls me the scardey cat, and now my baby sister is the copy cat. There sure are a lot of cat names around.

Maybe we're called cats coz we both like fishies. I've heard that cats like fishes.

Everytime I pass by the fishies' home, I like to pay them a visit. I will pull my M towards them so that I can say hi. But I think fishes are not very friendly coz they usually ignores me.

Visiting the fishes!

And look, even my baby sister is fascinated with fishes! And she's got bigger fishy friends than me. *pout*

1 comment:

Brownie said...

Helios,YOU are the biggest fish of em all!