Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Doggieshoot Charity Drive

Hey everypup! Need your help here! My M is helping to organise a Doggieshoot Charity drive for this poor 4 year old girl called Charmaine.

Here's her story:

"Charmaine, a sweet and cheerful girl (she’s turning 4 years old this July) is unfortunately suffering from Stage 4 neuroblastoma. Neuroblastoma is a cancer that forms in one’s nerve tissue and is the most common cancer in infancy.

For her case, the cancer cells were first detected in her liver some time around February 2009, which started off as a 12cm tumour. It was later discovered that traces of cancer were also detected in her bone marrow, which led to this final diagnosis of neuroblastoma.

According to the doctors, Charmaine has a 10% to 20% chance of recovery after undergoing the strongest chemotherapy available, which is what she has been going through.

There is another treatment available which would increase the chance of her survival to 40%, but it could only be done in the US since the drug is still in its clinical trial phase. Requests to have the drug shipped to Singapore have been rejected.

Unfortunately, the treatment requires a US$350,000 deposit upfront, which is about half a million Singapore dollars! This is a ridiculously large sum of money to most of us, and it’s no different to Charmaine’s family and friends."

So we're gonna have a doggie photoshoot.

All proceeds will be donated to Charmaine. We're all doing this out of our own time and pockets and we have volunteer photographers waiting to help out. All photos will be given in soft copies only.

It'll be a make-shift studio set-up, location will be confirmed at a later date. Each time slot will be 30 minutes.

Charges are:
$30 for 1 backdrop and 2 digital files.
$50 for 2 backdrops and 5 digital files

Extra digital file at $10 each
Additional layout at $20 each
Maximum 2 dogs, if you have more than 2 dogs, additional dog at $10 each.

We're looking at starting next weekend, ie: 27 & 28 June, starting at 10:30am.

Please note that this is for CHARITY, and ALL proceeds will go to the family. So please don't ask for refund, or book a time slot and decide not to show up at the last minute.

Please email your preferred time slots or any enquiries to

So doggies, please help spread the word, or come down to take nice handsome/ pretty pictures of yourselves and help save a life at the same time!


Huskee and Hershey said...

ON! Count us in.... will get my secretary to liaise with your mom. (We have always love the photos taken by your M)

The BOSS aka Huskee

Charlie said...

Good for you, Helios (& your M)!
- C

Jolene said...

Hi Helios & M,

Thanx a lot for your kind intention and effort. It's people like you who have hidden angel wings, supporting Charmaine.

Your doggie PS are so cute and nicely taken. I would have loved to bring my simba (my beloved cat who behaves like a dog) in for a shoot but she has since left us for rainbow bridge.

Hope you would take lots of nice doggie photos!

Jolene on behalf of the feisty team

summer said...

hi, summer and i would like to join the charity drive.. but preferably on sunday.. cos summer's daddy is only free to drive her on sundays...

Helios said...

thanks summer! can you email to doggieshoot@gmail.com? can discuss further via email. Thanks!