Monday, June 09, 2008

But I don't bite!

My M was a little irritated with this lady who has a chihuahua, whom she passed by at a park. What happened was, we were on the way to the dog run, and this lady with a chihuahua in her arms saw us walking past.

So she said to her CHH: 'Look, big dog.' In a sing song way, much like how a mother would point out to a kid to look at that dog.

My M heard that so she smiled at the lady just as we passed them. As we continued walking, she heard the lady continue in a cooing fasion to her CHH: 'But you can't play with him coz he will bite.'

My M was a little pissed, but I was pulling her towards the dog run so that I can play and she's not in a confrontational mood that morning, so she did not turn around to correct the lady.

Sometimes, my M will encounter owners with small dogs who will immediately scoop up their dogs protectively once they see me. I wasn't even charging or pulling, and it's obvious that my M is in control of me. Am I really that scary?

There was another incident when we passed by a father with his kids and his son just said very loudly, 'Wow a big dog!' and the father immediately smiled and said, 'Ya, big dog will bite you.' My MM immediately turned around and told them, 'No, THIS dog doesn't bite.' I heart my MM for standing up for me!

Why do people always think big dogs bite? There are big dogs who don't bite, and there are small dogs who bite all the time.

(M: I also hate it when parents sometimes use my dog to 'discipline' their kids. There were times when I was walking Herbie and there'll be a parent(s) with a screaming kid and when they see us, they'll tell the kid 'If you cry somemore, that dog will come and bite you.'. If they're still within earshot, I will just say loudly, 'He doesn't bite!'. It's their problem they can't take their kids in hand, but leave me and my dogs out of it!)


t.h.e.m.a.r.l.e.y.c.o.d.e said...

Hi Helio,

Am pissed when i read that. Some people just dun get it!

U are just so cute!

KAY said...

I know what you mean.

It annoys me when parents use my furball as a way to get their kids to listen to them.

I don't pick up my dog when I see a big dog. Though in my neighborhood, some dogs are breed to fight and so I would walk away. Other times I don't because I believe I shouldn't have to avoid walking by other dog with my dog, their dog should be control.

One more annoying thing is when parents don't teach their kids to ask before touching other people's dog.

Anonymous said...

that's super annoying and ignorant. real glad you snap back!!

Maggie & Mitch said...

We think you're a beautiful boy, Helios! You don't look like you'd bite at all! Some hoomans are so dumb!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Sami said...

Oh Helio your such a nice doggie and they have not right to talk about you in such a disrespect way when they do not know you!

Almost everyone is a scared of my younger big sista Baylee but she is just a big lovie dovie girl and all she wants is to be loved on.


Amber-Mae said...

Helios! Helios! I absolutely AGREE with you!

Everytime we walk pass some people with children or with no children who obviously have some kind of hatred with dogs, the parents will tell their children, "Don't go close, they will bite!" Then they will show a disgusted face. We didn't even close to them. It's the kids who are but they just want to pet us. Clearly the kids show no fear of us dogs. We show no signs of danger or aggression. We like kids & babies! We are extremely gentle with them.

When parents start teaching & telling their kids that dogs are dangerous & will bite, later on, when the kids grow up, they will behave that way too & will teach their own children the same thing too. This makes my hoomans really angry. This just confuses us...And infact, the more the people panic, the more we want to go closer to them! Agree?

There are a few small dog owners here in our country who are damn annoying too. They will scoop up their dogs like what you said & then will start to hold them very tightly & move back like we're going to eat their dogs. It's like they're going to cry or something! We ain't interested in them! We ain't cannibals OK?! All we want to do is just sniff butts. Is that wrong? Owners like this, are just transferring their stoopid behavior to their dogs. Later on, their dogs will become like them. Like people always say, dogs always reflect their owners. So if the owner behaves that way, so will the dog. We have met a few already.

And you're right, small dogs tend to snap more than big dogs. They sure are louder too! The mommy said, if she ever meets any owner who behaves stoopidly next time, she's just gonna walk up straight to her & give one good slap in the face. Maybe that will help to calm her down a little. BOL!

Many "young" girl owners only own small cute dogs as a fashion accessory & to show off & look cute. That's not what a dog is for! I wish their mindsets will change but I don't think it'll ever be.

Butt shakes,
Solid Gold Dancer

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh those adults sure are silly.
I think you're better behaved then some small dogs and even hooman pups.

~ Girl girl

Huskee Boy said...

Hi Helios,
Totally agree with you... Even though I am not a 'big' dog, sometimes we hear people make comments like 'the dog will bite you' to young children. My mom thinks it's really not teaching the kids the right mindset. Hmmph..

duo_disaster said...

We understand what you mean.

Some hoomans are just plain dumb and our M notices something that we're not sure if your M does too. Some owners think that they do not need to train their tiny dog THAT much because they wont be able to do much harm to others whereas on the other hand, most HUGE dogs are so well-behaved.

Goofy esp. love to play with HUGE dogs, sometimes it is the owner that is afraid that theirs might harm him. Passerby by would then comment: "SEE! the big dog is going to EAT the white one (Goofy)"

M cant help but to say that they are friends and friends dont bite!

Rudolf & Goofy

BWTH Dog House said...

they are misleading or giving the wrong information to the kids, thats why nowadays kid are afraid of animal.

They will sceam even its just a puppy.

slurpy licks,

sohcool said...

Hello Helios,
The remarks are not against you. These parents who mis-educate their kids can use anything. I often hear this :"Wait Ma-ta(police)/
Ah-neh(Indian) come and catch you. "
Shame on the parents. There are more productive ways to discipline kids. And I love big gentle dogs like you who are known to have wagging power tails. The only danger are the breakables on the coffee table. ;)

Serene said...

Some parents are really irritating..I got small irritating kids (like their parents) running past my house and scream/shout "Bow Wow Wow" and their parents just walk past like nothing happen, leaving me and my supposedly sleeping dog angry..otherwise she's normally quiet! Or when we go for a walk, they will tell their children "not to touch doggy" coz "doggy will bite"..I will just tell them "ya ya..doggy will bite, please leave the 2 of us alone (and get lost)"

Serene said...

i couldn't agree more! I encounter this all the time.. they need some serious education in this aspect.