Friday, March 28, 2008

Cause of my spoilt tail

My M finally finished sorting through most of the photos. And now you can see why my tail spoiled. This time, of the regular beach go-ers, only Jack and Joey came along. Scuba said it's too early and he needs his beauty sleep, and although Tommy wanted to come, his dad said they just bathed him 2 days ago so they're not bathing him again. But Aunty Sarah brought Ewan along. Apparently, Ewan is almost as old (if not older) than jack.

And I realise old dogs all have one things in common.

They all hate swimming. Like my Big Brother Herbie. I wonder if it's an old thing. Will I hate swimming when I'm old?

But at least Aunty G did not force Jack to swim. He was allowed to zone out on the beach.

Wake me up when we're ready to leave

Whereas poor uncle Ewan was dragged out to sea, kinda like my big brother Herbie, but I think he did not take it as well as my big brother. At least my big brother still loves running in the water, and he doesn't swim with a terrified expression on his face.

Terrified Ewan

Then once he got to land, he started scolding Aunty Sarah and told her to go home.

As for me, I was happily playing with my ball.

Then I noticed Joey had a better ball, so I took his. I think he wasn't too happy about that.

Then this strange black lab took MY ball. I wasn't too happy about that.

So me and Joey decided to bury our balls. We even had a competition to see who could do it faster. But I think we forgot to time ourselves.

Besides playing with my ball, I also ran around on the beach.

And shook myself.

And Swam.

And saved my MM from drowning. He was holding on to me and I have to drag him back to shore. But he didn't thank me for saving him, but it's all right, coz I love my MM too much to let him drown anyway. (M: Ermm.... I don't think he really was drowing, but if you want to feel like a hero, go ahead!)

And posing.

So after doing all these things, that's how my tail got spoiled. Maybe I should cut down on something the next time so my tail won't break down again.

Maybe less posing? Waddaya think?


irene kartika said...

hi herbie! you can't stop posing, as i always can't wait to see your nice pictures all the time. just be gentle with your tail, though. much kisses for you, cute thing!

Helios said...

Hi irene, thanks for saying I have nice pictures. But I'm not herbie, my big brother herbie went to the rainbow bridge last year, so I'm taking care of the blog now. I'm Helios and I am 1 year 3 months old big boi!

Amber-Mae said...

Oh, no wonder your tail dieded...I don't think you should stop having fun & posing. After a while, you tail will get used to it like mine after two or three times & that was it. No more dead tail!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Charlie said...

Helios, your beach-running shots remind us of Herbie! Your big brother would be proud. And you look so good in the water, too -- very brave and handsome. Amber says your tail will get better and we sure hope she's right!
- Charlie

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Woh you sure are very busy.. I hope your tail is better now. You're so brave to go save your MM

~ Girl girl

m. said...

love your pictures and this lively entry Helios! you're a handsome big boi just like Herbie! btw, just wanted to add that not all old dogs dislike swimming, my doggie who's not 3 years old, never liked swimming even when he was just 1 or so - have to drag him out and he has no choice but to paddle!

Maggie & Mitch said...

Is almost 10 old? I don't like swimming either but you sure do make swimming look like fun Helios!

Love ya lots,

Aubrey Jones said...

Hey guys!

Playing in the ocean looks like a blast. I've only been to the lake, but my people are planning to take me to the beach this summer.

Stop by my place when you get dried off and say hello.


River said...

Love the beach pics Herbie - you look a lot like a bigger version of me in so many of them!! I wonder if I'll hate the water when I'm old too.

Hope your tail is feeling better.


Joe Stains said...

I HATE WATER and I am 9, so maybe you are right about older dogs not liking the water. I hope I never ever ever have to go to the beach!

perfectlywhite said...

herbie you are such a darlin' but u must rest ur tail well alright, if not there will be power wag no more... imagine if u c a hot bitch across the road and she cant see your charming wag!