Sunday, April 29, 2007

SKC Dog Show

Well, it was the dog show today, and Helios was entered into the baby puppy class. So early this morning, Aunty V came to pick us up. That silly Helios was so rude as to SIT on our very kind host Scuba!

Helios: This car cushion feels different...

Anyway, Scuba was very nice and decided to move to the foot of the car so that Helios can have the seat. I hope he said thanks to Scuba.

After we reached the dog show and a slight wait, it was Helios turn.


My M even had time to make scrunchee faces with Helios. Talk about being professional!

Now you see me... now you don't!

Unfortunately, Helios did not win anything, and I can only attribute it to my blur M. It's her first time showing, and instead of keeping a note of what the guy did in front of her, she was busy chatting instead. So she ended up making a boo boo of herself. Here's the proof:

After running with Helios, she thought she had to go back where she came from, then realised it's wrong, so she thought she had to leave the ring, until she saw the guy who was in front of her standing at one side. So she ran back to join the 'queue'.

Of course, after the show she did some shopping, and a few people even recognised me from my blog! Thanks to all of you who came to say hi!

We were so tired after a whole afternoon at the show that we slept all the way home.



Anonymous said...

So happy to meet u & Helios at the dog show. Your M was surprised why me a total stranger could recognised u. Well it is hard to explain, when I saw a gr with a white muzzle lying down on the floor relaxing, my first thought was 'is that Herbie?' So I approached your M and asked, bingo, it was really u!

Maggie said...

Helios is doing awesome! He really should have won! Blind judges!
It was great chatting at the pawty with you Herbie and Helios!

Love ya lots,

Huskee Boy said...

I am going to make a complaint.. I think the judges were blind.. Helios should have won! (Hmm.. you reckon ur M's booboo caused him some points??)

Fu Fu said...

Hee, your M was pretty funny. But it's a good experience for Helios right. I hope he wins the next time. He look so cute hugging you to sleep

~ fufu

Luckie the Dachie said...

Hey Herbie!
I'm so glad to read about the dog show. I have never been to one and Mom had wanted to bring me but well, transport is a problem. :(

Amber-Mae said...

Oh wow, dog show! Cool! Too bad that Helios didn't win coz he's so good looking! Got good bone structure too! How is his hip score and everything else? Better luck next time!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Anthony said...

Hi Herbie. Did u take up the entire seat at the back of the car again? That's why Helios got to sit on top of Scuba.

chiyo said...

allo herbie and helios! nice to have met you at the DWB chat party! :) you know, i think helios did great! :) and so did your M. i took part in the fun events, they had something similar to the show ring too, but i tell you my HM made far more boo-boos than your M, it was super embarassing!

what a waste i didn't see you at the show though :)


Daisy & Waverly said...

Hi boys! You looked like you had fun! By the way, we've moved! Check us out at!

Daisy & Waverly

chester said...

hey boys!!

did i meet u 2 at the dog show too? i saw alootttt of GRs but didn't know if two of them were your brothers!!!

i'll be more vigilant next time and try to spot you guys! :D

great job baby Helios, way to go and hope you win ribbons next time!

chester said...

sorry what i meant was.....i didn't know if you two brothers were among the GRs i saw!

Herbie said...

anon: thanks for coming and say Hi! I wasn't really a good host coz as u can see, I was dead tired!

maggie: it was great chatting with you too!

huskee: I think my M's boo boo did affect him, but of course she won't admit it

fufu: I hope he wins the next time too... I head they give away food to the winners!

luckie: you can always try and go to the next one, they have one every quarter!

amber: You mean his parents or his hip scores? Helios is too young to be hip scored, but his parents had their hip scores done, not too bad.

chiyo: how can anyone make more boo boos than my M????

daisy & waverly: I've updated my links!

chester: I don;t think I saw you as well. :(

Anonymous said...

Hi Herbie & Helios,

Didnt know you are at the dog show too. Would have love to dropby at your table. Do give me a ring for the next dog show.
I'm always there for the dogsports trials.
Hope to see both of you in person !!
Woof, Nova

dink said...

love dat dopey face you had on when you sat on Scuba! like "urr..why is this carseat so lumpy, not like the smooth leathery seats I usually feel beneath my bum?"

kekeke! dun grow up too fast helios!